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Terms of Use


Funtimeinspain.com is a website used by OCIO DINÁMICO SL, (hereinafter, OCIO DINÁMICO), a legal entity based in Madrid, at Calle Castelló nº 109, with Tax I.D. B-84370378.


These are the general conditions that regulate the access to and use of the websites located under the domain name "WWW.FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM" (hereinafter, FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM or Website). A User is understood to be any person that voluntarily or accidentally accesses any of the contents of the domain FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM. The User's voluntary or accidental access to any of the contents of FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM implies their complete acceptance of the general conditions published by OCIO DINÁMICO SL at the time at which access to FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM occurs.


It is forbidden to in any way modify, copy, transmit or manipulate all or part of the content included under the domain FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM for public or commercial purposes, without specific written authorisation from OCIO DINÁMICO SL.

Thus, the User promises NOT to:

  • copy, distribute or transform or modify the content;
  • use the content for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, or contravene public order;
  • use the content to issue communications with sales, promotional or any other commercial aims.

Links to other web sites:

@ from FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM to other web pages

It is possible that the user may access other websites from this one via banners or hyperlinks. These other web pages are managed by third parties, and as such are beyond the control of OCIO DINAMICO SL, which will take no responsibility for the products, services or information offered on these web pages, or for any consequences that may arise from having visited these web pages.

@ from other web pages to FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM

If a manager or owner of a website, or even a User, wishes to establish a link from their website to FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM, they must do so under the following conditions:

  • executing the command that activates the hyperlink must lead directly and with one single action to the FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM homepage, the URL of which is http://www.funtimeinspain.com ;
  • Without specific written authorisation from OCIO DINAMICO SL, it is prohibited to alter the original look of the FUNTIMEINSPAIN.com page once the hyperlink is activated on the previous page;
  • It is also entirely prohibited to provide links to FUNTIMEINSPAIN.COM from any pages or websites that break the law, are immoral, or contravene public order.


The applicable general conditions of use will be those published at the time at which the website is accessed.

OCIO DINAMICO SL may totally or partially change these at any time, without prior warning to users. OCIO DINAMICO SL may equally terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the website's contents at any time, without prior warning, and without the User having any right to any compensation. The above mentioned conditions of use and prohibitions will continue to be applicable after any of these actions have taken place.


By accepting these general conditions of use, applicable upon voluntary or accidental access to the website, both OCIO DINAMICO SL and the User subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, Spain.

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