Contract conditions of Fun Time in Spain

Fun Time in Spain´s General Contract Conditions


1.1- Fun Time in Spain (hereinafter, FTS), a brand belonging to the company Ocio Dinámico S.L., offers and coordinates a variety of programmes aimed at immersing the Participants in an almost entirely Spanish speaking environment, with the aim of helping them to improve their control of and fluency in the Spanish language.

1.2- Except in the case of the Youth Programme, all the Participants must be over the age of 18.

1.3- These General Conditions are binding from the moment that the reservation or contract is made, the act of which implies the Participant's acceptance of these conditions. The applicable General Conditions are those published at the time at which a Programme is contracted or reserved.

1.4- FTS's services and responsibilities begin and end together with the Programme contracted by the Participant, i.e., from the time at which the Participant is collected by a FTS representative at the established airport, until they are left in the same airport or, if the Participant decides to stay longer in Spain, until 11.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

1.5- Advertising: the images used by FTS for advertising and promotion via any graphic, computerised or any other type of media, are indicative of the quality and variety of activities on offer, rather than contractually binding. Each season's weather, for example, obviously influences the schedule and the elements involved in each Programme, although the quality of the services and activities offered is always maintained.


All those interested in reserving a place on one of the FTS Programmes must pay a deposit of 25% of the total cost, except for the Youth Program that will be a 50%. Once this sum has been received, FTS will send the person who has made the reservation a receipt, as well as the documentation necessary to confirm their participation in the Programme, and an indication of when the remaining sum must be paid.


The total payment for the chosen programme, with or without prior reservation, gives the Participant the right to participate in the same, under the published conditions, except in the circumstances outlined in the “Cancellations” section below. This total payment must be made at least 30 days before the beginning of the Programme. If the total payment has not been received before this 30 day period, the reservation will be cancelled and FTS will keep the amount paid when the reservation was made. If you wish to contract a Programme with less advance notice, please contact us to check availability. In general, FTS's obligations to the Participant begin when the Participant arrives at the initial meeting point, normally outside the airport Arrivals terminal, and conclude when the participant is left at the Departures terminal. The total price solely includes the services outlined in each Programme.


4.1- On the part of the Participant If the cancellation is made 30 or more days before the beginning of the Programme, FTS will refund the entire amount paid, except for the reservation fee. If the cancellation is made up to 15 days before the beginning of the Programme, 40% of the total payed amount will be refunded to the Participant. If the cancellation is made with 14 days or less notice, or if the Participant does not arrive, no refund will be made. 4.2- On the part of FTS If the minimum number of Participants necessary to offer a Programme is not reached, FTS will notify the Participant in writing, offering them a complete refund, or a Programme change. In the latter case, any possible price increase will be paid by the Participant, and in the event of a decrease in price, FTS will refund the difference. Participants will be refunded 100% of all sums paid if FTS considers that acts of force majeure, abnormal circumstances or unforeseen events make it impossible to provide a Programme under the original conditions in which it was offered.


5.1- On the part of the Participant - Substitution of a person: the person that substitutes the Participant must fulfil the personal characteristics required by FTS, especially those relevant to age and level of Spanish. - Change of Programme: the Participant may change their Programme, only once, any time up until 15 days before the beginning of the originally contracted Programme. This will lead to the corresponding changes in price and dates.

5.2- On the part of FTS: despite all means of control and best efforts, it is always possible that some of the Programme elements may change, due to reasons beyond the control of FTS. Should this occur, FTS will offer the Participant alternatives with a similar level of quality and interest. Bad weather, as determined by FTS, is an example where it may be necessary to change the Programme, with the Participant having no right to any form of compensation.


Each Programme includes a basic travel insurance policy and a civil liability policy. We strongly recommend, however, that the Participant contracts a valid medical insurance policy to cover those exceptional circumstances that we hope shall never occur. FTS coordinates the different elements that make up each Programme: people, installations, transport and activities. FTS will not be responsible for any unforeseen events that are beyond its control and may result from force majeure or the actions of third parties, and will do its utmost to alleviate the consequences of these events. The level of improvement in Spanish is entirely the responsibility of the Participant, and is based on their desire to practice the language and involve themselves in the different activities offered. FTS provides the materials and above all the personal input necessary for the Participant's complete immersion in a Spanish speaking environment, but it can never substitute their personal desire to fully take advantage of the Programme.


Upon arrival in Spain, the Participant will be given a 24 hour telephone number for use in case of emergencies or problems. Our wish is that the experience should be beneficial, and as such FTS will do its utmost to solve any problems that the Participant may reasonably have cause to complain about.


The terms and conditions pertaining to or derived from any of the FTS Programmes are subject to Spanish law, and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, Spain.

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